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As we're using the Elmont Memorial High School gym for our practices, there are no set days of the week that we will have practice.  The administration at EMHS were so accommodating by giving us as many dates as they could between winter sports and our club.

At Elmont Memorial High School, which their facility was updated last year.

We may increase practice to 3x per week depending on team's development and / or adding physical conditioning.

Practices are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 8:00 - 10:00 pm | Sundays from anytime from 1:00 - 6:00 pm.

Practice maybe cancelled or reschedule depending on school events / functions.

COMMUNICATION  ***Important to Follow***

You MUST create an account on SPORTS YOU.

Download the APP and put in code when your PLAYER joins a team.  We keep our calendar and posts everything to do with your Athlete's team.

*We recommend that the player gets used to communicating directly with their coaches and / or teammates


 (To be confirmed once tournament schedule is released by AES.)

We plan to compete in 6 local tournaments & 2-3 regional tournaments.

Local tournaments are either in NY, NJ or CT, but are within 1.5 hour drive from Valley Stream, NY.

Regional tournaments can be in NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, DE and VA and could be 2-4 hour drive from Valley Stream, NY.

*** Additional local tournaments to be announced as they are available.


We understand that as a player of the LI Knights VBC, you are buying a service. It is our goal to provide that service and meet all the expectations of each player/parent. However, we also recognize that we cannot please 100% of the players or parents 100% of the time.


One of the biggest services that we will try and provide is playing time.

Playing time is very important to us. It is important to apply the skills and fundamentals taught in practice in a match situation. For this reason most of our teams will have 8-10 players on the roster. However, you as the player are not paying for playing time, instead you are paying for practice time. It is our job to teach you, the player, during these practice sessions to insure you of playing time.

No player is guaranteed a certain amount of playing time during a tournament.


We will guarantee “fair”amount of playing time for every player, not “equal” amount. For example, we might substitute middle hitters out of back row for the libero or defensive player while at the same time a setter might play all the way around. So, among the middle hitters in this example, they will receive “fair” amount of playing time.  It will be up to the coach to decide how much playing time each individual player will receive based on showing comprehension, physical and mental of skills taught in practice sessions, position needs, and team play.


Coaches are advised to give everyone opportunities to contribute their individual skills and abilities to the team during pool play matches. Those skills and abilities may include being a hitter in the front row, serving and playing defense in the back row, or playing “all the way around.” When teams advance past pool play, this is the time to reward those players that have excelled when given the opportunities earlier in the day.

Absolutely no way if a player consistently misses practice, will they have earned the right to be on the court.

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