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Re-Learning Volleyball at 32.

Lynbrook, NY - Wednesday Night Teams

I absolutely love the game! I started re-playing at 32 because I needed to find a new outlet to be active, get out of the house and be a part of something different. Luckily, my co-worker JJ played all the time with his now wife and always rushed to go play. I often sat at my desk and didn't understand why he was so excited to go.

I saw a flyer for continuing adult education in my district and they had an affordable program at a local high school. I signed up and haven't regretted it since.

It fueled my desire to get better, to re-learn the game and found myself happy to be with volleyball like minded individuals.

The first night, I kinda sucked. Let's face it, . . . I couldn't receive a serve, I didn't know how to pass and most of the people did not want to play with me.

Friends from Volleyball

But I felt good about myself regardless if I couldn't walk down my stairs without pain in my feet.

So I started to search for more programs around me to increase my ability and understanding of the game. I went to clinics, watched A LOT of volleyball on you-tube, followed volleyball dedicated pages on facebook, and played more.

I understand now what JJ found in this sport, a community of amazing people, a new culture and a way to better yourself in a physical capacity.

Re-learning something I thought I knew 20 years ago brought a new passion in my life.

Lesson: Re-learn something everyday.

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